Monday, June 29, 2009

back to 25 hours/week of training....

Great to be back training seriously again, for however long this lasts until work takes its toll...

quick look back as far as I can go from memory:

Today (Monday 6/29/09) - 1.5 hours

weight: 175

90 min run (10.5 miles) at an easy pace with Andi. We ran down the CV trail to the beach, then up to 8th street and back on stratford to 101, and back to CV. I was tired/sore/heavy feeling the whole time.

Sunday 6/28 - 3 hours

1 hour run - felt surprisingly good considering the day prior. I did the run at 1:00 pm in the heat...followed by...

1 hour swim - well, really 45 min. mostly free style with some backstroke. Did this with Carles and Jeff (who had no goggles)...followed by...

8 mile run in the hills with Carles. again not too hard...

Saturday 6/27 - 8 hours (yea)

This was about the hardest bike ride I've ever been on. We were not riding all that hard, it was just a hard day. We rode from the PAC to Palomar Mountain via Escondido and valley parkway. We rode up the south grade. it was like 90 degrees and felt hotter. We got some food and rode down the east grade, then Mesa Grande, then had lunch at Dudleys (our 75 mile point). We then rode back to CV through Ramona and Scripps poway parkway. 125 miles total. very hard.

Friday 6/26 - 1.5 hours

2000Y swim (easy) followed by ab workout in the gym. My abs were sore the next day!

Thursday 6/25 - 4 hours

Elfin Forest followed by a 1 hour trail run. Felt good the whole time...

Wednesday 6/24 - 2.5 hours

masters swim followed by 90 min bike intervals...hard!

Tuesday 6/23 - 3 hours

2 hour bike followed by 1 hour tempo run. easy.

Monday 6/22 - 1.5 hours

2 mile ocean swim in the cove at lunchtime - great!

Sunday 6/21 - 4 hours

Highland valley ride..hard

Saturday 6/20 - 1 hour

hard 8 mile run

Friday 6/19 - 3 hours

50 mile bike

(more later)