Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Another hard week

Well, it's wednesday and I'm tired. so far this week has been one tiring day after another:

Wednesday 29 August 2009

Had trouble sleeping last night. Christiana did not come home (again) I was doing the text thing until midnight. Needless to say I missed the Matt/Bernie run at 5:30 am today (not on the schedule anyway).

the good news is that the weather is fine, I'm slowly losing weight. Today I was 175 and felt tired at 7 am when I finally woke up.

Workout - 4000Y swim, 20 min fast run.

I did the 4000Y as 4 x 1000 (pulling;). I did them all between 18:30 - 18:40. It was pretty easy, but very boring. I then went into the gym and 3 miles in 20 min (6:39/mile). No warmup. Just set the treadmill to 9.0 mph and started running. felt super easy. could have done 10.0 mph.

Tuesday 28 July 2009

Bike: did elfin with Andi. I felt super tired the first 20's seems to take FOREVER to warm up these days. rode hard and did the course in around 2:50. Adding the extra miles brought it to around 56 miles and 3:15.

Run: we then changed and ran her "80 min" run ( which can easily be run in 70 min. I think we did it in 75 min including multiple water stops.

Monday 27 July 2009

I did Kelly Webster's spin