Wednesday, January 27, 2010

BAA marathon....on the way! Yea?

Well, thanks to a friend I'll be running the BAA (aka Boston) Marathon this year on April 19th.  So I've got to get off the couch and workout more...

Today (Wed 27 Jan) I ran 7.5 miles at 8:40/mile on a somewhat hilly course with Dennis, Kathy and Bernie.  It was a little taxing the last mile or two uphill, but otherwise an easy pace.  After yesterday and today I'm thinking it won't be that hard to get ready for Boston and CA 70.3....and that should be a good foundation for CDA and CA.

Yesterday I did the now-classic tuesday 5:45 am 1 hour spin followed by a 40 min run.  That was easy too.  4-5 weeks of this easy stuff and I should be ready to pick it up.

I still dread going in the pool