Tuesday, June 21, 2011

300M interval day

Plan: am: Track: 15 min warmup, 12 x 300 in 00:58 with 300 rest, 5 in cooldown

Actual: 15 min wu, 10x 300 as described below, 

I drove around looking for a track to workout at...and ended up at good old CVMS dirt track.  I tried TPHS, but the pop-warner guys were there and had a truck on the track with their gatorade on it.  I went to Cathedral and they had some other group of guys - football- and had all their gear on the track...so back to CVMS which was - at the beginning at least - empty.

After my warmup I began the intervals.  I put markers on the track by dragging the sandbags (only one per soccer goalpost) onto the 100M markers around the rather poorly marked track.  I then did my warmup and counted steps so that I knew they were evenly pace. It was about 62 degrees and overcast - rather perfect - for doing intervals. 

 As you will see, I gradually got to the right speed, and it felt very fast.  Not all out mind you, but very fast.  Towards the middle a group of about 15-20 6-8 year old girls in tights came down from their summer school and did 4 laps of "jogging/walking/giggling" around the track.  Weaving around them was a bit of a challenge. 

My left achilles tendon starting feeling tender near the 7th interval. on the 9th interval, my right hamstring was sore...so I did 10 and quit.

Here's the times:

1 - 70 seconds HR 163 max, 149 average
2 - 65' HR: 169/157
3 - 61' HR: 178/157 (yea - I was "feeling it" by this time)
4 - 61' HR: 176/159
5 - 60' HR: 179/169
6 - 57' HR: 179/166
7 - 58' HR: 178/162
8 - 57' HR: 174/160
9 - 65' HR: 171/157
10 - 68' HR: 170/155

Then the cool down and home