Thursday, June 02, 2011

Bonking Thursday

Plan: 2.5 hour spin, 6 mile run
Actual: 1 hour spin, 2 hour bike, 5 mile run

2578 calories burned working out.

Well, that was fun...NOT (already a dated expression).

  • the 5:45 am spin was fun and  not too hard at all - I did not breath as hard as Bernie up there with the mic on: 55 min, 504 cal, HR 116/144.  
  • After working for awhile, I did a RSF ride for 1:45, 1269 cal, HR 133/162.  Very nice. 
  • then I was very tired...but...did the run anyway: trail end. 57 min, 804 Cal, HR 145/160
the bad part was that I bonked at the mid point of the run - hard.  the whole weaving thing. had to walk home