Tuesday, August 16, 2011

some fatigue returning....and very tired after work

Tuesday 16 August 2011
schedule: am - 2 hour bike, pm 5 x 1 km in 3:40

Actual: am - 2 hour bike, pm -  3 x 1 km in 3:45 average

The bike ride was terrific - 2 hours with David M. riding around up the coast and back through the ranch.  Very easy. I felt like I was "getting the cobwebs out" during the first half of the ride and road rather slowly (16 mph) in sections I normally go about 5 mph faster.  there was no wind, it was perfect conditons.

The after-work run was another story. I was very tired/sluggish after working 10 hours and did not want to run at all, let alone an intense workout. But I forged onward and tried to muscle through a local run. I'd used gmaps-pedometer to find a 1km course, and I relied a bit too much on the accuracy of the map. At any rate, my left achilles tendon was sore as I was warming up.  Not too bad, but I could feel it getting worse.  After the first 1km run (which is partially uphill) in 4 min  I did a 400 jog and started again.  The second one (partially downhill) I did in 3:35...but was more sore.  Then, back uphill for the third one in 3:50 and I was not only super tired, but sore, I was ready for the forth.  the tendon was just too sore about 100 meters into forth, so I ran home.