Monday, June 25, 2012

Sluggish so far today

9:00 am - 30 min elliptical - 117 average HR, 137 peak

Back to working out on a regular basis again - hopefully without any breaks due to back or heart issues as I had earlier in the year. 

I've been on the Primal Blueprint plan for about week now.  So far so good. Eating less than 100g/day of carbs, and having lean meat and pistachio nuts and grapes as my only snacks.  The carbs i'm eating come from the veggies in the omelets I'm making and the incidental carbs in almond butter and celery.

I've been sleeping more, and I don't have many cravings for sweets.  The goal for the next 45 days will be to keep my HR in the 135 range during 90% of my workouts (or easier).  I totally failed with that on Saturday riding with Diane, Steve and Marci.  My HR soared to 180 and was above 160 a lot.  I'm not in shape yet to ride with them and maintain a low HR.

I've been sleeping much better for the past week as well; over seven hours on most nights.  Last night was no exception and after watching the Newsroom I went to sleep in 10 min.

I've been doing the elliptical trainer for 30 min each day at a minimum.  After the brutal Sat bike for 2.5 hours in the heat with the high HR I STILL feel sluggish and tired even during the elliptical.