Saturday, January 05, 2013

5 days in a row (w/speed too) = injury

OK - I did it - injured myself; but only slightly.  The same old left Achillesn tendon that's troubled me for 25 years is once again sore, as is the inside of my upper right calf.  If I put my thumb on the right side of my left kneecap and reach down with my index finger and touch my upper calf, it's sore there.  These two combined make getting up in the middle of the night, and in the morning, stiff/sore/painful.  I've been up for 90 min now (it's just before 8 am on a 36 degree saturday morning)

 I actually noticed this in the middle of the last week, but kept running.  After the 9.2 mile steep hill run yesterday it was very sort (the calf). I think the tendon issue is related as they are both in different spots on the back/side of my left calf.  Remedy: Carles massage yesterday (PAIN) and the trigger point therapy daily, and of course ice.  I'm skipping the ibuprofen for now. 

 It was the last 5 days of solid running, with intervals, the pushed me into mild injury

Running Progress:

Slowly improving.  Two weeks of 4 x 4 min @ 6:15, Tempo runs, distance, all coming together.  Heading to CES in LV next week which may slow me down a bit.  I've scheduled myself a 14 mile run for tomorrow and I'll play it by ear