Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Happy New Year

Started the new year with the penguin plunge in Del Mar at the beach. The water temperature is a chilly 55 degrees - not too bad for a quick plunge.  I was fearing this little plunge from the moment that I decided to do this, but in the end, it was not really that bad at all.  Ran as fast as possible into the water and then dove under a couple of waves, looked around, and came out...ran out really

It was not nearly as bad as I imagined.  I had run 8.2 miles to old pump station 65 in the morning and felt pretty good most of the "swim".  I could feel the legs getting very cold after about a minute so I bolted back out. 

I'm at 178 as of today - still 10 lbs over my racing goal weight.  That may be an unrealistic goal, but I've got to have one for the weight.  I don't really feel light yet, but a as little as a couple pounds works wonders on picking up the pace.
No injuries on the horizon and i'm getting a weekly massage with Carles for the first part of the year to see how well I can do in the BAA marathon on April 15th.

I tabulated a path to 3:04 below by Boston using the Jack Daniles VDOT method

jan 2H feb 1H feb 2H march 1H march 2H

3:17 3:14 3:11 3:07 3:04

VDOT : 48 VDOT : 49 VDOT : 50 VDOT : 51 VDOT : 52

Mile Pace Mile Pace Mile Pace Mile Pace Mile Pace
Easy 8:50 8:40 8:32 8:24 8:16

Marathon Pace 7:32 7:24 7:16 7:09 7:02

Threshold 7:05 6:58 6:51 6:44 6:38

Interval 6:31 6:24 6:18 6:12 6:06