Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Back on the Track in 2013

First update in a while.   The training was hitting a bit of a lull/dull flat spot after three months of slow improvement.  Kept getting stronger, but not really losing weight recently. I've also been religiously doing each and every scheduled workout.  Weight seems stuck at 177.  Speed/endurance getting better.

I'm met Dave Hutchison ("Hutch") while I was parking at the visitor's center at mission bay.  He noticed my Boston Marathon bag and asked me about it.  We got to talking and I explained that I've been doing all of my recent training alone, for a change, and that doing speed work/intervals has been slower and a bit more challenging.  It's hard to do intervals alone.

I went to Balboa stadium this evening to run some intervals with the BAA Marathon Training Group which is a subset of the San Diego Track Club. The workout was 4 x 5 min "threshold" pace with 30 second recovery jogs.  I was a bit unsure of who to run with, and there was no discussion of pace groups - and with the massively large (>50) group from the larger SDTC group made this a bit of a zoo.  they gave the Boston group the inside lane after the first lap or two and that was nice.

Since I didn't know who to run with, I just started when they said to and ran 5 min on/30 sec off 4 times.  I heard the announce say something about the "boston group recovering with a 200 jog" but that would take longer than 30 seconds and just kept with that.  While my HR monitor seemed to fail during three of the laps below, when it did it work it showed 30 seconds was not much of a break.

the 6:11 average pace for the 20 min of speed/threshold is the VDOT=51 speed. Not sure if I'm there yet (3:07 pace)