Thursday, January 31, 2013

January 2013 Summary and progress

187 miles in January.  I would have done another 6 or so today, but I was really tired today. 

Yesterday I did a threshold workout around mission bay and had to go by my HR rather than speed.  Granted the 4 x 5 min at 160 bpm were into the wind, but my speed was over 7 min/mile.  Not very fast.  Same with the last couple miles at Threshold intensity: I reached the HR level, but the speed was 7:05/mile.  I felt very tired as well.

from the very first step I felt heavy and fatigued.  I had to push right away, just to go a moderate pace.  I did not start the T pace until I turned south towards the bay after passing Mission Bay High School.  It was very windy along the path when I the T pace, and ironically I had the wind at my back during the 1 hour E pace.

All in all Jan was the best running month from a statistical standpoint on record since 2003 when I began recording my training.  It was not the most gleeful running month.  It was not the fastest month either.  Just another ramping of speed and miles.  I can say that I can feel the beginnings of real improvement and see it as well.  My estimated body fat has gone from 22 lbs (12.5 %) to about 19.5 lbs which is about 11%.  Good progress and at this rate I'll be at 9.5%
 and 17 lbs by March 1.  By then I hope to have my threshold speed under 7 min/mile (6:45)