Saturday, March 23, 2013

Down the home stretch - 3 weeks left

Three weeks from today I'll be in Boston.  Current Loooonnnng range weather forecast is for 50 degrees and sunny.  Don't bet on it.  Historical average for that day is 40-55.  Wait and see.

Overall feeling pretty good about Boston, but, not sure about what my pace will be.  I was hoping for a 3:05 (7:03 pace), but I really don't know if I can do that.   I think I'd be comfortable with 7:15 pace which is a 3:10 time, that's how I felt today anyway. 

Since switching to the SDTC RNR_Boston training group about a month ago (first long run on 2/16) I've been getting much faster due mostly to the weekend long runs. I used to do my long runs in around 8:30- 9:00 pace, but these are longer and faster.  The first one on Feb 16 was 19.3 miles @ 7:55/mile.  Until then I'd not really been running faster than stated above, except for a little speed work.  Since then it has been different and I'm lucky I ran into Hutch at Mission Bay one day.

The volume has gone way up:

Nov '12 - 86 miles @ 10:04/mile
Dec '12 - 143 miles @ 9:39/mile
Jan '13 - 187 miles @ 9:08/mile
Feb '13 - 201 miles @ 8:44/mile
March '13 (est) - 240 miles @ 8:05/mile

So I'm tired, and the weekend runs are stable at around 7:50/mile give or take a few 10 seconds.

This week will by 70 miles - as will next.  I'm hoping that the taper will be enough to get me a good time in boston and i'm not going to run too fast going forward.

Today - Saturday 23 March 2013

We ran 17.8 miles, and while most went ok, I had some stomach issues which that took me about 2 minutes and I fell off the pace. Let me try to jot down the food for the last 24 hours. 

Breakfast today - 1/2 a Green Machine drink, 8 oz coffee
6 pm yesterday - plate of spaghetti and meatballs, 3 pieces sourdough bread, water, 3 oatmeal cookies
noon yesterday - tuna sandwich on whole wheat bread, apple
Breakfast yesterday - 2 x servings of oatmeal, raisins, honey

More on this later.

Todays run - I warmed up a bit, then we took off a a decent pace (7:23) and then I slowed down after the first aid station to the 8 min range.  I then had the potty break, and ran alone to Nautilus, had a dixie cup of gatorade with Hutch and than ran up that BIG 700' hill, that keeps getting steeper the whole time.  Near the top two the fast/young women passed me going very quickly.  We had another quick break at the top and began the MP training down the hill. I was planning on running the 9 miles in at 7:03/mile, but it did not quite work that way.

down the hill was of course easy to exceed the pace, but between miles 14 - 16 I had to focus to keep the pace under 7:30, which bothered me.  I was running alone past the tourists at Mission Bay who were out strolling and I think runinng along the road would have been much easier than the endless turns and people avoidance, which was distracting and seemed to slow me down.

On the last 2 mile stretch, I picked it back up to about 7:15 - 6:45/mile without a lot of problems, except when I had to cross Sea World Drive.

Here's the course and the splits: