Saturday, March 16, 2013

San Diego Half Marathon 2013

Results: 1:30:28, 6:54/mile

3rd place Age Group M50-54

74Chris BurnsFoothill Ranch, CA58261:27:556:43M 50-54/1M-51641:28:00
82Steve TallyRamona, CA80831:28:206:45M 50-54/2M-51721:28:26
114Mark KelleySan Diego, CA81401:30:286:54M 50-54/3M-52941:30:33
141Mark BauckmanLa Mesa, CA67201:31:417:00M 50-54/4M-541181:31:47
165Jonathon CollopyRancho Santa Fe, CA85801:32:417:05M 50-54/5M-531401:32:52
171Nathan KicklighterSan Diego, CA5261:32:597:06M 50-54/6M-521451:33:06
176Dana EubanksCalabasas, CA49491:33:127:07M 50-54/7M-541491:33:18
194Michael CavistonCoronado, CA49761:34:087:11M 50-54/8M-511621:34:20
198Jeff GravesSan Diego, CA90441:34:157:12M 50-54/9M-501641:34:28
209Guy ScataMurrieta, CA34311:34:377:14M 50-54/10M-501731:34:41

there's the top 10

Here's a race recap:

- it was cold.  I ate lots of carbs on Friday and Saturday.  I ate a light pasta dinner on Saturday night, after eating a subway footlong turkey on Sat afternoon

- I was going to wear arm warmers and glove for the race as it was in the low 50s at race time, but after a 1 mile warmup with the team at 6:30 am on race day (7:18 was start time) I went back to my car and bagged the arm warmers and went with a tank top and gloves and shorts.  Short socks too

- I had no idea how fast to run.  Carles though "go at 1:20" which of course was ridiculous.  I wanted to run at 1:30.  Candy suggested to run with Leanoard Trihn, but he was pretty fast.  So what I did was go out of the gate with Leanoard and run the first few miles with him.  Here's my pace breakdown:

So I went out too fast: 6:25/mile for the first two miles, 6:45 for the second two miles...6:35 for the first four miles. Mistake.  My final time was 6:54/mile.

My problem is (among others ;) that I had no idea how fast to run.  As a former track runner I was comfortable running fast. Too comfortable. Around mile 4, I was not feeling that great...

So I slowed down.  I concisely decided to drop to a 6:52/mile (1:30) pace at that point.  That helped and I felt better and plowed through the next 5 miles with ease...

Then the hills began - around mile 8.  While there is the big hill at Washington street ( 200 feet) I was really hurting, and just plowed through.  I decided to just keep my HR the same and slow down and was passed by quite a few people. 

Note that my HR is stable at about 165 (95%)...I simply slowed down up the hill.

I passed the 10 Mile mark at 1:10...and realized that I'd have to run the last 3.1 miles in under 20 min to be under 1:30.  I was a little miffed that the 1:30 pace guy NEVER passed me...not even at the end when I was at 1:30:28...

Anyhow, as I passed that point and starting re-passing all the young people who had passed me up the hill, there was one women who had a pacer/boyfriend join us at in Hillcrest.  As he said "you're right there" I got it and realized we were the "break 1:30" group...but geez...3.1 miles in under 20 minutes means 6:27/mile - possible. 

so I sped up....

but...still...I decided that I would simply "run fast" and not let the 1:30 pacer pass me. that was a mistake, as the 1:30 pacer came in at over 1:31 (I wonder how often that happens?)

On top of that, as a short-distance track guy with speed, I opted to keep the speed in the tank until the last 1.5 miles.  However, I mistakenly thought I had to run into Petco park to finish. Turns out  I could have emptied the tank much earlier. I never really unleashed some speed. I just jogged in at 1:30:28...and unhappy not to break 1:30...but it is a PR on a somewhat hilly/windy course.