Monday, July 29, 2013

training going well - so far

Weight: 176
Plan last week: 60 miles, with a 20 mile run
Completed: 66.5 miles with a 21 mile run
How it felt:

Feeling generally stronger and faster. I'm running the somewhat boring ccw loop faster and more often: 11.3 miles( palacio del mar, east on the bike trail, north on camino del sur, west on carmel valley road, del mar heights road, ashley falls).  From a 9:30 pace to an 8:30 pace over the past few weeks.  Old form returning.  Some speed with increasing distance.

On my gold standard 10Km Trail, I ran it on Tuesday at 48 min which is the second fastest ever at 7:47/mile. My average speed is of course increasing as well. 

Finally joined the old group again and ran a 21 mile run around 8:15 mile with a long stretch around 8:00 min.  That was a Saturday run that included the trail from the coast at Cardiff back to El Camino Real near San Dieguito Park. I was sort of chasing Candy Fink who was like 30 seconds ahead of me for miles.

Did a 5 mile treadmill recovery and lifted weights for the first time in ages at the PAC on Sunday (yesterday) and I'm sore today.  David Mandel and I rode a couple easy hours this morning from Carlsbad down around Del Mar.  It was pretty easy - all things considered.  The last 10KM trail run was today and did it fairly - but that was a result of being passed by a girl Julia's age and simply not standing for it.