Sunday, July 14, 2013

First long week since the double marathon

Weight: 179.2
Plan: 16 miles
Actual: 16 miles
How it felt:

I was tired today.  I'm tired now.  For some reason I decided to try a little brick yesterday afternoon - 1 hour santa luz 17 miler followed by the trail 10K.  I did them both slowly, and felt OK - even when finishing up the run, but was a bit more tired than I expected today during the 16 mile run.

I've been putting on weight since returning from D.C. on Monday evening.  I weighed in at 172 on Tuesday morning, but somehow managed to baloon up to 179 by this morning, which is close to 2 lbs/day. I think this is mostly water - either gained this week or lost over the DC trip - but I feel fat just the same.   It's been making running slow and i'm doing about 9 min + per mile - as slowly as 9:30 for many miles.  I'm thinking every 5 lbs drops my average speed by 30 seconds/mile.  by that standard, if i'm down to 160 that's close to 7:30 miles for the same effort.  sounds like a good goal.

For today, this is the longest run (not counting getting lost in DC) since May 11 when I ran a very fast 21 miles (7:35/mile).  Today was at 9:13/mile.  Much, much slower.  I was sort when I began, and while I loosened up a bit, never really felt anything but fat and slow.  I've deliberately been running slow - but with high mileage - in the theory that I need miles in my legs and that the fat will eventually go away as the strength and endurance return.  Of course without the benefit of speed work I fear neither of those will actually occur.

At one point today I was slowly moving along the beach and an overweight gray haired guy passed me, or at least was in the process of doing so, when I said to myself "OK, that's enough" and very slowly sped up as he was beginning to go past me.  Naturally, he sped up.  Finally we had both gone from 9:30 miles to 8:00 min miles.  I had to laugh.  After torturing this guy for another few minutes at 8:00/mile I sped up to 7:00/mile.   Then he slipped back. You can see this on the green strip around mile 5 below.