Sunday, December 15, 2013

Seven days post CIM - Concentrated sore achilles - both of them

It's been a long week of recovery post CIM.  The first few days it was hard to walk, as always, and I found myself letting people go in front of me down the ramp to plan on the tarmac, out the plane to the airport, up the ramps to Bart stations during my biz trip (to visit with Greg Leon and Tarana in Berkley), etcetera.   I did no exercise all week, save 30 min of elliptical trainer on Thursday.  It was not bad, but what was happening was that all my quad/calf/hamstring/achilles was slowing ebbing and all the pain focusing on my achilles.

Yesterday I went on the weekly run with the SDTC group (above) where it was a bit chilly.  I found that I was actually still quite sore while jogging - especially in my right hamstring.  I set the group get ahead of me and found Hutch who was going around backwards and we jogged around an ad-hoc course prior to watching the Foot Locker X-Country Championships in Morley Field in Balboa Park.

There were so many great things about attending this race yesterday. First, it was a fabulous day once it warmed up a bit.  By 9:30 or so it was bout 65 degrees and very sunny, hot even, which must have been nice for the visitors from Michigan, Indiana and other locations. Second, everybody in running in San Diego seemed to be there watching.  I spoke with Kevin McCarey, Bob Babbit, Sean Zanderson and other san diego friends.  Then, I ran into Ryan Hall and spoke to him for awhile (ASICs had dispatched him I guess).  Ryan kept asking me about MY running, and I was trying to get him to tell me if he was going to run Boston. He told me he was going to move to Reading and asked about the temperature in Sacramento.  He was very nice and wished me luck with my running.

I finally met Tal Braude (who'd been following as I'm an ex-TPHS runner and he's the State XC Champ). He had to miss the race - which he probably would have won - but for illness he had just like so many other kids, including my own daughter Julia (who has whooping cough). He thought that the race went out rather pedestrian at 4:52 as he had trained to go out in 4:40.  They went through the two mile mark in 9:53. This left it open to the kickers (Grant Fisher) to win.

Anyhow, I was really sore in both tendons when I woke up this morning and I've been icing both tendons (well, a few times) daily.  Just now tried the eccentric heel drop on both of them as well.  Hope this heals by the new year.