Monday, December 16, 2013

Our CIM Group having our "one week later" breakfast

After doing the little run in the park yesterday, we all met for breakfast and really to recognize Candy Fink's efforts all summer at putting together Saturday runs. She would plan them, and even went to the trouble of making the gmap-pedometer link and following the 85 mile/week Pfitzenger schedule we were all on (except for Jim Goss - who was on the 110 mile/week plan).  We had this down at the Mission restaurant in where else but Mission Beach.  It's always fun to be with your running group while you are not running.  Running groups are funny - when you are running as a group you talk about anything by running, and when you are not running that seems to be the topic of conversation. 

I' still struggling with nagging achilles pains - this time in my RIGHT achilles!!  Geez. I'd just got the left achilles in something approaching control then this. I've concluded that what I did was do some compensatory style running towards the end of the marathon a week ago, then when it was weak and just a bit sore, ran yesterday just enough to slightly strain it again. Great.  Now it's noticably swollen and i'm icing it thrice daily, and doing the trigger point on the same schedule.  I may back off the eccentric heel drops to twice daily.  Let's see if this aggressive treatment plan works. Karen thinks I should just stop touching it, but then it seems to feel even worse, so the little triggier point massages of the soleus continue. 

While we are all going to do the same Hutch team training plan for BAA, there has been considerable discussion over the past month or two about all those training plans our there.  There's tons of info on the internet on marathon training plans. While looking for a good link to Pfitzinger's plan, I found yet another comparison of plans (this one compares Higdon to Pfitzinger).  I've also seen the MacMillian plan and the Hudson plan.  Read them both.  They all seem to come from Lydiard's original plan. There are endless discussions of all of them.  We'll work with Hutch and follow his directions and find the right pace with his help for our weekly long/tempo/speed runs.