Saturday, December 21, 2013

still recuperating

Until about this afternoon,  This past week have been a continuous week of small, but nevertheless nagging pains.  Those have been the classic left achilles,  the new right achilles and the new - but not really new - right hamstring.  I fell like I could live with the hamstring, but not the achilles.  I've been pseudo aggressive with trigger point and ice (not so much on the heel drops) and today, after about two weeks of little or no activity, they are feeling better.  That is, I have no pain since I jogged earlier for 20 min.

About that jog, I did about 20 min on the treadmill this morning and was in mild pain.  I've decided if there was one two-week period that I'd baby myself it would be after this marathon. However, i'm eating too much as usual and don't feel all that good about it. I'm floating up to 175 territory and need to "float" back down to 170 or less for this next season, so after the holidays....

I did manage a short-loop (17 mile) bike ride and a 1 hour spin class this week.  Those don't seem to either aggravate or help the tendon situation.