Friday, March 28, 2014

Recovery before Hill workout tomorrow

TPHS - my school from 1974-1978..and now my daughter's school

Plan:  4 miles
Actual: 3.7 miles past old TPHS on the small local run from home
Conditions:   perfect for a short recovery run - warm, sunny
Morning weight/sleep: 169.4/8.8, solid 7 hours sleep
Stretching today: tigger point am, and before 11 am shower

How it felt: very easy day.  Felt good when starting, and kept it easy. average HR was 122 and that says it all

Breakfast: (at 10:30 after run) - fruit, 2 servings cream of wheat, raisins, brown sugar, coffee, water, vitamins, 2 large slices banana bread, bacon


Last night Dinner: pasta, red sauce, meatballs, bread, some cookies after I baked them.