Thursday, March 27, 2014

Back in San Diego - and a better day

View from the 4.2 (and 5.1) mile point in the run

Plan:  8.2 miles moderate speed with some fast stuff thrown in
Actual: 9.3 miles with a couple fast miles
Conditions: overcast and low 60s
Morning weight/sleep: slept like a log last night after flying home from DC.  192/7.6 this morning
Stretching today: tp roller 2X

How it felt: felt good.  I started fast and slowed down, then kept it around 7 min.  the third mile some pretty boy decided to pass me so I passed him back and he disappeared.  If he had not tried to blast past me I would have been ok...but he had to do that. I then kept doing little surges in the midst of quality 8 min/mile pacing.

Breakfast:  (8 am) cream of wheat, raisins, sugar, milk

Lunch: (snack) (after 9.2 mile run 3:00 pm) toast with creme cheese, naked juice, jam

Dinner (last night): Chinese take out.