Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Gave up on treadmill tempo today

Plan:  14 miles with 7 miles as : 7:20/7:00/6:40/6:20/6:40/7:00/7:20
Actual: 8 miles with a few miles at 6:40 - 7:00 in the middle, with a couple walking breaks. 
Conditions:  using the treadmill in the basement of the Foxhall road house 
Morning weight/sleep: (on travel) 6 hour sleep (1:30 - 7:30)
Stretching today: normal trigger point 

How it felt: Don't know what to say about today.  I was depressed when I started and the running did not help,  Still struggling getting the work off the ground. I did 4 miles about 8 min/mile but for some reason it did not feel as easy as yesterday, when I also did the treadmill due to the snowfall in DC.  Today it was 25 degrees outside with 20 mph wind so I opted for the basement treadmill.  

Anyhow, I did the first mile at 7:20, the second at 6;58 and when it came time to do the third at 6:40 I stopped and took a walk break for 1 minute.  My HR was not all that high, I just felt really tired and unmotivated. I supposed I'm tired of this workout always being so hard and not seeing improvement after all the work.  I did the third hard mile at 6:40, but then just slowed down and jogged for a mile for a total of eight miles.  I had a biz call I had to jump on anyway. 

Last night Dinner: Pasta with clams and clam sauce with arugula, some oatmeal cookies

Breakfast: (black coffee)

Lunch: large sandwich - turkey, avocado, bacon, lettuce, tomato on sourdough