Monday, March 24, 2014

Spring in D.C. along the 24 degrees...felt like Winter!

Plan:  13 mile Washington D.C. 
Actual: 13 miles from Foxhall road to the mall and around the capitol
Conditions:   24 degrees at the start and 27 at the end.  mild wind, clear skies.  
Morning weight/sleep: (no scale - in DC) a solid 8 hours of sleep
Stretching today: trigger point before

How it felt: aside from the cold weather, it was mostly a good run. I focused on the cold most of the time and had on tights and two shirts and compression socks.  It was clear and beautiful most of the way.  Would have enjoyed passing the crew team in the water rowing in front of Watergate were it not for the shadow and wind.  only a few other runners out there on the mall at 8:30 am, and a few hearty cyclists with mufflers over the face.  I felt good running up the hill back to Foxhall road.  I started out slow down the hill and then settled in around Georgtown and the rest of the way was stressing on the biting wind and numb hands (despite two pairs of gloves)

Breakfast: yogurt, honey, granola and water.

Lunch:chicken on a kaiser roll with bacon swiss cheesed and guacamole.

Dinner: (last night) with Nate and family was potatoes, chicken, salad and pie