Saturday, March 22, 2014

Train Run - w/8 miles of marathon pace

San Diego Track Club 
Boston Marathon Training Group - after out 21 mile run

Plan:  20 miles with 8-9 at marathon pace.  I was thinking of doing the marathon pace at 7:00. 
Actual: 21 miles with 8.4 miles at MP, which today was 7:15/mile. The 8 miles were: 7:01 (w/downhill), 7:16 ( up the hill in south carlsbad), 7:15 (flat w/some downhill), 7:25 (up the hill back to the Cbad state beach and along it), 7:08 (past Poinsettia lane down hills the ponto beach), 7:22 (back up the hill and into Leucadia), 7:46 (uphill at Grandview and north - more uphill - on Neptune), 7:03 ( long downhill to Moonlight Beach).  Then we ran south at about 7:50/mile to Fletcher cove and just maintained that pace all the way back for an average of 7:40

Conditions:   overcast and 59 degrees.  Ideal. 
Morning weight/sleep: 170.4/8.4,  7 hours sleep
Stretching today: morning trigger point. 

How it felt: Was not feeling all that great today. Must be the 73 miles with the tempo on Wed, who knows.  I was a bit sluggish out of the gate and tried in vain to convince the group to do the last miles at tempo rather than the middle. The tempo itself I was not sure when we started, so I began slowly. I then found the pace I wanted, but as I had not reset my watch I went totally by feel today, and monitoring my HR.  I opted to run at a "comfortable" 150 bpm pace during the pace work, and indeed I ran the entire 21 miles with an average of 140 bpm.  My MP should put my HR at 140-153, which is exactly where I'm at now.  Unfortunately, that puts my speed at 7:15/mile (3:10 pace).  Letting my HR drop to 140 and under only dropped my pace to 7:30/mile average for the next  few miles (14-16).  Jogged back at about 7:45- 7:50/mile. I think with rest at this point I could pull off a 7:10 or under without a lot of difficulty (3:10). 


Breakfast: had 220 cal naked juice mighty mango drink and some coffee.   After the run we went to Java Depot and i had the bagel with lox and cheese and capers  and a large latte. 

Lunch (yesterday): rubious burrito especial (lots of rice and beans) and half a chicken/cheese quesedilla

Dinner (last night): eglpant pasta and a couple of cookies