Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Last Tempo run before Boston?

Restaurant Row in Cardiff

Plan:  14 miles with 10 "step tempo" (7:30, 7:20,6:50, 6:30, 6:10, and back).
Actual: 12.8 miles with 8 miles at tempo/marathonish pace (7:10, 7:13, 7:40, 7:37, 7:05, 6:55, 7:35, 6:53)
Conditions:   Cool, clear, sunny, very windy.  Ran north from 4th street to swamis and back...tempo through "Restaunt Row" in Cardiff.  According to Weather Underground (from a Cardiff weather station) the wind was 14 mph WNW.  Which means a strong side wind/head wind going north...hence the faster times for the second four miles. The 7:35 mile I was dogging it up the hill towards Robertos in Solana Beach. 
Morning weight/sleep: 168/8.2, 6 hours
Stretching today: TP big roller

How it felt: Will this ever feel good? I'm beginning to doubt it. I woke up and all morning it was really sore in my quads every time I stood up or sat down.  I think this is lingering fatigue from the pounding down the hill of Soledad.

I did not push super hard today - but opted to keep my HR in the MP range of high 140s/low 150s.  Still did not feel "good" except near the end when I was going just under 7:00 min and heading downhill into Del Mar. All in all, not bad.  

Breakfast: ceam of wheat (2 x) at 8:00, with raisins, milk and brown sugar...water, coffee. 
After run snack: naked juice, banana breadLunch: Turkey sandwich on wheat
Last night's Dinner:3 cliff bars, 2 pure fit bars (at the Brad Mehldau concert)