Thursday, April 03, 2014

Easy Thursday - 18 days to go

56 Trail headed West (mile 1.5 in map below) goto run

Plan:  6.2 mile trail run
Actual: 6.2 mile trail run
Conditions: sunny, nice
Morning weight/sleep:  170.2/8.2, 7 hours sleep (plus a nap today)
Stretching today: 3 x trigger point

How it felt: Felt very easy the first few miles.  A 7:26 mile with a 121 HR says it all (downhill of course).  I did a "no lookie at watch" run today too and just wanted to run as if every step was recovery. felt good the whole time, but I could feel that I was not 100% recovered.  

Breakfast: yogurt, berries, granola

Lunch: turkey sandwich, lettuce, rice bowl with mushrooms and peppers

Last night's Dinner: Sushi at Nobu downtown prior to the Padres game.  a light dinner for sure.  Edamame beans, spicy shrimp, crispy rice and tuna, a few nobu fries (thick potatoes with a dusting of spice).