Sunday, April 06, 2014

Weekend Update April 5/6 2014 - Not fully recovered...TAPER NOW

 Sunday - Bike Ride with Kevin Winters down the coast

 Going south on the 101 under clear skies in Cardiff by the Sea

Plan:  2 hour ride
Actual:  2:38 ride, 41 miles, 15 MPH up the coast
Conditions:   nearly ideal ride up the coast and back.   10-15 mph wind out of the 
Morning weight/sleep: Last night was the baseball fantasy league draft, so it was late, and I slept 5 hours poorly
Stretching today: none yet..

How it felt: I was tired today, but the HR was low.  Just have the workout fatigue blues

Last night's Dinner: chocolate covered pretzles, 

Breakfast: Cream of wheat (x2)

Lunch:Turkey Sandwich on wheat

Saturday Long run..I've started tapering...alone

The SDTC RNR Boston Training Group heading out for 18 miles

Plan: 16 miles  
Actual: 15.1 miles @ 7:37/mile
Conditions:   cool and nice.  Was actually raining last evening, but we stayed dry
Morning weight/sleep: 7 hours mixed sleep. was tired when I woke up
Stretching today: trigger point before/after run

How it felt: I ran this with Jim Goss.  We took about 30 seconds/mile faster than the group (above) who we never saw again.  Neither of us had any intention of going up the long hill. Jim was (like everybody) doing better than I was.  We ran along the waterfront and talked and stayed around 7:50/mile. My HR was low.  I did not feel fresh though.  It's a strange feeling. Tired legs, but the cardio system was OK.  Even throwing in a couple miles at MP (7:00) my HR never went over 140 average.

Last night's Dinner: Pizza and pasta

Breakfast: (after run) cream of wheat

Lunch: Turkey Sandwich