Saturday, December 12, 2015

Mid December Running with the Track Club again

San Diego Track Club Boston Group - Week #2 Shelter Island
(last weekend -  12/5/15)

Weekly Check in

Not feeling all that great this past week - just putting in the miles when possible.  IEEE Globecom was being held at the Hilton by the convention center and I was down there for one run on Monday. Sunday I ran the Paand it was cool but sluggish doing the Torrey Pines beach to dog beach at north Del Mar (sandy lane).  On Monday at Globecom felt heavy/slow and running 4.2 flat miles @ 8:16/mile past the star of india and back. Felt even worse on Tuesday doing the 56 trail run in 55:26 (8:51/mile) and not feeling too red hot.  I took Wednesday off, but on Thursday STILL felt fat/heavy/sluggish. Ran anyway - up from Torrey Pines lower park to north Del Mar (dog beach/Sandy Ln.). Took off Friday.  Today went well for 12.4 below.

Morning weight/sleep: 
I've been sleeping just less than 6 hours/night this week and going to be too late.  There's been an activity every evening (Joshua Redman concert, Nutcracker, company dinner, etc) and that's pushed out sleep.  I started the week at 167 and jumped to 170+ after the day off Wednesday. I'm at 171 today and higher in weight/BF than normal.

Today's Plan:  12 mile run  with the track club group
Actual: 12.4 mile run 
Conditions:   cool, clear and beautiful running through balboa park, downtown, along the water 
How it felt: I felt good the entire run - hills and all. Started out slowly and deliberately looked for the groups that would stick to an 8 min pace and not faster.  With the hills we slowed down a bit and came in at 8:19 for the average pace.  I'm not going very fast yet, but feel healthy. No aches/pains during the run.