Sunday, October 25, 2015

Weekly Check in:

  • Ran from 4th street up the coast and stopped at Cardiff this morning.  I was still sore from the last few days (see below).  The run started feeling the now-normal sluggishness, but at a slightly faster pace.  I've not reviewed the speed vs. HR much, but I'm hoping i'm running faster for the same HR. 
  • This week has been faster in general:
    • Skipped Mon/Tue as I was the IWPC Indoor Wireless conference at the Hyatt in San Diego (La Jolla) 
    • Wednesday I did the 56 Trail 10K from the house - ran into Tal Braude along the way - chatted for a few min.  I ran that about 8:30/mile 
    • Thursday was BY FAR the fastest run since the half marathon in Santa Rosa.  I ran with Shambra and LIsa and we started at 8:00 and did the first few miles slowly, but then finished at under 6:30.  We did mile 8 at 6:53. It was the best I'd felt in months.  I think that had more to do with the fact that it was no 90 degrees which seems to be the temp over the past two months. 
    • Friday was - again - HOT.  I ran after lunch with Mark Marjernek on the boardwalk at TOWER23
    • Saturday I was STILL really sore and tired.  Ran with Jessica at noon and it was HOT: 83 degrees and 95% humidity.  I had to ask her to cut it short
all in all things are getting better!

Morning weight/sleep: 
  • Weight: 167
  • Sleep: averaging 6.8 hours/night