Wednesday, October 14, 2015

6 Weeks of ugly, hot, humid weather in Del Del Mar, CA 92014!

Daily Check in:
  • Feeling sort of tired and sluggish, fat and slow.  Other than that..GREAT! still stressed about perpetually being behind. As Hutch told me yesterday "you're always chasing something" and that about sums it up.  Difference is I think I know what to do once I catch one of them.  It's happened before!
  • As my weekly mileage has been hovering around 40 miles/week in not fit for CIM - need at least 70 miles/week with more speed. 
  • VERY hot (see above) this last 6 weeks in Del Mar.  the only cooler runs i've done have been in NY
Morning weight/sleep: 
  • Weight:168
  • Sleep:6.5 hours/night
Today's Plan:  6.2 miles
Actual: 6.2 miles
Conditions:   HOT
How it felt: slow/tired/sluggish