Sunday, September 06, 2015

Cross Country run for the first time in 38 years...and first 19 mile run since

Daily Check in:
The night prior to the event I felt as if I was going to vomit.  Vegan sauce (mushrooms and oil on pasta) seemed to really do a number on my stomach. I felt dead and bloated most of the evening, and did not feel much better during the race. I'd not run that course for years - but during the race vaguely recalled running intervals there years ago - like in 1979. Much faster.

The race itself felt so-so for the first/flat mile, not too bad the second mile downhill, but then was a real struggle. the hills are not really horrible (150 ft) but they are there twice in the second 2 miles.  I was never really in the red zone during the race, but breathing all out most of the last 3/4 of the race. My HR went from 130 to 140 during the first mile (I was holding back) then up to 150 during the second/third mile, and up to 160 towards the end of the last mile.  I did not push all-out during this race and need more speed to feel comfortable doing that. 

Morning weight/sleep: 

  • Weight:168 has been my average this past week
  • Sleep:i'm sleeping about 6.5 hours/night which is not enough, but all I can manage

Today's Plan:  long run
Actual: 19 mile run up/down the coast
Conditions: warm (not quite hot) and calm.     
How it felt: felt good. I was tired/stiff at the start and was thinking of cutting it short, but in the end I kept it going.  Ran into Debbi L and Russ during the run, and Anne Marie Manfred.  Victoria said she saw me as well, but I had my headphones in.  Good long run was not too tiring. I ran it around 8:30/mile, maybe a bit faster, but stopped several times for water/lemonade, talking with friends.