Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Santa Rosa Half - not half bad

Daily Check in:

  • Lower back sore - hard to stand after sitting (was on a plane yesterday too).  Not horrible, but a pain nonetheless.  
  • still a little bit sore from the half marathon on Sunday, but not too bad
  • no other leg pains to speak of today!
Morning weight/sleep: 
  • Weight/% Fat:168.4/8.3
  • Sleep: 5:42 
    • had trouble falling asleep last night
Today's Plan:  Maybe Tue night workout, maybe just running in Solana Beach
How it felt:

Santa Rosa Half Marathon Report
Was a bit apprehensive about this race last weekend (8/23/15).  I was not really prepared and have done virtually no speedwork save a few sets of strides in the past couple weeks.  Likewise with tempo - one slightly fast mile (6:54) a week ago but nothing else. 

Slept well the days preceding the race. Not too much to worry about regarding nutrition and pre-race food planning for a half.  Had some pasta at 6:00 pm, ate most snacks and a portabello mushroom sandwich the day prior, some cookies, glass of red wine to help fall asleep.  

Race day went well. this is a small race - but very nice. Not as hot as expected (60s at the start/finish). Running most on a long bike/running trail downtown in an out/back course.  I was expecting to run around 8:00/mile and surprised myself with running 7:19/mile.   Never felt tired the first half at all.  Kept is going easy and mostly was focusing on how to pass people. I did not scope out the course prior to running to "surprise" myself - but -combining that strategy with starting nearly last forced me to try and squeeze through all of the slower pace groups (there seemed to be lots of them - 2:30 pace and faster) as there was no room on the side of the trail to go around.

Pushed it a bit the last few miles, but mostly my HR remained around 150 while running the average pace of 7:19/mile. When I sped up near the end to under 7:00 my HR went up to 160 and into the red zone. The summary for me is that i'm in good shape to train for CIM and need to slowly increase mileage, keep working on overall fitness, weight and sleep and add in the tempo/speed and shoot for a 3:10 in Sacramento