Tuesday, July 14, 2015

One year later....

Lisa Ryan, Stefanie Flynn, Andrea Rothmeier, Ann Marie Manfreda and Victora Barana

This photo was in the middle of a nice 50 mile ride (for Victoria and I) and a 70 mile ride for the others. 

Well, it's been nearly a year since I posted to this blog.  Too busy and nothing worthwhile writing about.  I skipped (going backwards)

  • Atrial Flutter ablation surgery in March after a series of incidents that involved an emergency visit to the ER in Barcelona during the MWC,  Finally seems to have gone away
  • Prior to that had a bad months-long (like 6 months) bout of plantar fasciitis, which just came back a few weeks ago. This basically lasted from a week after I purchased Sketcher running shoes so I blame them
  • Nearly a year of being "mostly" vegan - hard to do traveling and not pass out
  • I registered for the Santa Rosa Marathon but I'm going doing the half 

I turn 55 in November, so i'm thinking of doing CIM in December.  We'll see..I'm registered anyway and December 6 is only 21 weeks away....