Friday, July 15, 2016

Finally back to regular training a month after Grandmas

One month since Grandmas....four months until NYC Marathon

Training since Grandma's

Overall - Better than post-CIM - less overall muscle soreness, but my right hamstring remains a problem.  Basically been running, spinning, biking and some EFX.  Here's the complete list:

Running Log for weeks after Grandmas (click image for zoomed version)

The [H] on every entry signifies the hamstring injury. It is sore in the mid section of the muscle and only hurts during runs.  The longer/faster the run the more it hurts.  I've been working on it by doing the following:
  • Daily Ice 
  • weekly deep tissue massage 
  • daily TP therapy (roller) on the affected area
  • every-other-day strength exercises on hamstring with swiss ball
  • every-other-day gym machine heavy lifting with the hamstring
  • TP tape (started today)

But today, during my run, still hurt.  Like a toothache. Just hurts.  I've put some KT Tape on it and that seems to feel better - but maybe i'm just delusional about it.  It hurt during the little four mile run this morning.

Other than the hamstring there've been some very solid runs that are encouraging.  One was supposed to be a slow 10 miler on July 3rd - the first one since Grandmas - and I just felt good so I ran comfortably.  It was 7:45/mile and negative splits:

Then,  two days later, I ran 8 miles faster than ever - 7:30/mile right at 1 hour total for the 8 mile loop Again, started moderate and ran comfortably after that

I felt confident enough to run 8 x 400 m this week.  It felt ok, aside from the hamstring.  Did the 800s mostly around 88 seconds as an average, with one at 84.  It was not hard to do, and a very hot day at the track.