Sunday, August 21, 2016

Training coming along well this summer

A week in DC in July was a scorcher


Things are progressing well, and mostly I feel on track for a decent NYC marathon and a sub-3:00 marathon in 2017. NYC is 10 weeks out, and while I'm not at the mileage level of 10 weeks prior to Grandmas, I'm running faster on average. My hamstring injury is essentially completely gone.  I'm injury free today - still have daily aches and pains, but nothing that's impacting training.

Training since July 15

  • July 16 - Pride 5K Hillcrest - it was hot and I was not quite back into training a month after Grandmas.  20 min flat, 6:31/mile.  no bueno.  Flat course. expected more. 6:18/6:44/6:28 were the splits..but HR was up to 169 at the finish so I was at 100% effort
  • did some traveling on July 18th (san jose) - two days off
  • I began four weeks of track work - all at or below the 90 second pace per lap.  600s at 2:14, then a week later 800s on a treadmill (in DC) @ 3:00.  then a week later 5 x 1K in 3:48 and finally on August 9th 15 x 400 in 88. 
  • a week in a VERY HOT DC (100 degree hot) I maintained a sub-8 min average and ran about 50 miles by running daily that week staying with Nate. 
  • The first week in August was sort of "heat recovery" in Del mar that ended with the Balboa Park 8 miles in 7:03/mile.  AG4. One big (Zig Zag) hill. 
  • Began running my daily runs - and long runs - all under 8 min consistently. 
  • Yesterday was the Wild Duck 5K (19:55, AG4...again) 6:29/mile.  About the same as a month ago, but, this was a XC race with a few hills. I never feel like I'm completely warmed up for these so I'm going to warm up more in the future. 
  • today did a 14 mile run @ 7:55  in the heat at 10 am up to Encinitas and back from 4th street. I was sore when I got up and did not feel like runing.  But after warming up I settled into a 7:45 or so pace and - with that slow last mile up the hill - came in at 7:55. 
Here's the race and today:

At the beginning of this training cycle I looked at using the HansonBrooks method.  That is lower mileage and more speed.  I then switched to doing the Jack Daniels "smart" training. The biggest difference is the switch from weekly track/speed workouts to progressively faster tempo runs.  Both of these plans seems to max out at 60 - 65 miles/week which is fine with me. The Pfitzinger and other plans seemed to require more like 80 miles/week.   Maybe during Boston training over the winter I'll be doing that.