Thursday, February 03, 2005

early evening intervals Wednesday

Note to self: find a few good tracks between carlsbad and del mar. do it today.

By the time I got out of work to do intervals it was 5:15 in Carlsbad. After flailing around for 20 minutes trying to find a decent high school or jr. high in the area, I hurried to San Dieguito H.S. (where I ran many a mile run and 2-mile run while in High School in the 70s). Nope. I never knew that girls soccer games had so many fans and chearleaders. so I drove to Oak Crest Jr. High. that track BLOWS. the back half was more like a swimming pool. but I digress. I figure the track was 440 Y (about 400 m) and did 1/2 lap for the 200 and a whole lap for the 400.

Warmup- 10 min slow jog
200M#1 - 40 sec HR 100
400M#1 - 1:34 HR 159
200M#2 - 41 sec HR 145
400M#2 - 1:31 HR 165
200M#3 - 44 HR 159
400M#3 - 1:36 HR 166
200M#4 - 45 HR 158
400M#4 - 1:39 HR 165
200M#5 - 48 HR 158
400M#5 - 1:45 HR 167
200M#6 - 50 sec HR 157

that's all I had time was pitch dark when I did the last 200 and I stepped in a hole during it. this was about 70% of the planned workout.

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