Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Tuesday PAC tri training - May

tuesday PM: 2 hour bike from Palomar Airport Road to oceanside bike trail and back. was easy and FLAT!

Bike - Marci, myself and the Steves (capozza and mccourt) went down to fairbanks, did a paceline, then did hill repeates up a STEEP hill. Steve had his new Zipp wheels, and he zipped up the hill first. Steve and I struggled behind him the first one, and steve beat me out the second time. Need to lose weight!

the last week was the same as the week before:
Monday rest
Tuesday - Pac Tri
Wednesday - nichts
thursday - 1 hour run
friday - pac tri
Saturday - 73 mile bike (was hard)
sunday - 2:20 min run (was also hard)
Monday (yesterday) - 3500 Y swim ...7 x 500, was easy

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