Tuesday, July 26, 2005

two week report: 12-24 July

Tuesday 12 July

PAC run focus...mostly short and fast. I did ran what Marci told me too which was 3 x 800 in 3:20 and then a 400 in 78 seconds. Whew. I had no problem with the 800s in 3:20 and the last 400 was about as fast as I could go....almost caught up with old Jay...

Wednesday 13 July

Masters swim...3000 Y? Felt ok, but not that fast during this workout. I need to just do flip turns from now on so I can learn to stop hitting the bottom of the pool on the shallow end...

Thursday 14 July

am: 2.5 hour bike. My legs felt heavy for a while, I was never too tired. The route was sort of hilly through Rancho Santa Fe and then santa luz on the way back, but not real big hills...just rolling.

pm: 50 min tempo run...I felt tired from the beginning and my HR was 150+ after only a easy 5 min warmup! It was a hot afternoon (I ran at 3:00 pm in Carlsbad)

Friday 15 July

PAC bike focus: about an hour of accerlerations (no hills) and I felt tired the whole time. I actually got dropped during one of the races from this group! tired:

Saturday 16 July

2 hour bike: Ride with Carles and the Kashishkes. I was still tired when I started to ride. After 10 min up the little leaving the house my HR was already climbing to 150 + again. I tried in vain to keep up through elfin forest, but by the end they had dropped me. They were patient and waited up again (Kathy was the one who kept speeding up!) but I knew I would keep getting dropped. I finally turned around and rode back to San Marcos.

Oh yea...I punctured 1 mile from the car and my extra tube was pinched when I put it in so I had to walk a mile back to the car. That was my "track" workout!

Sunday 17 July

2:23 min run HR average 134: I know I was supposed to swim first, but my left shoulder was sore (don't know why) so I just ran instead. I did a VERY long, slow run that was not too hilly through sorrento valley and the canyon. I think my pace was about 10 min average, maybe a bit quicker.

Monday 18 July

In san Francisco on a trip. Rest day

Tuesday 19 July

1 hour tempo run along the wharf at 6:00 am. Lot's of fast morning workout people (1 in particular) in the morning in SF. My HR was 145 average

Wednesday 20 July

45 min run: still in SF. Tried to do an easy run, but my right calf was sore. I went real slow.

Thursday 21 July


Friday 22 July

PAC Bike Focus - we did some pace line work and "attack from behind". I was able to push up to 29 MPH during the fast part, which I could keep up for a very short time. I have no idea how armstrong can AVERAGE 29 MPH for a whole hour. Felt mostly good today.

Saturday 23 July

In Santa Monica on a family vacation.

6:00 am: I did a 1 hour run along the Santa Monica boardwalk in the morning. MY HR Averaged about 140, but that was like 125 on the first half and 155 on the second half I kept speeding up as I was feeling good.

pm: I did an ocean swim for about 45 min. I went out past the end of the pier and out to sea, and then back. Felt strong the whole time. Well, I was nervous about being hit by a boat or jet ski since they seemed to be everywhere! The lifeguard and people on shore, including my family, were getting scared too. Those boats go fast!

Sunday 24 July

1 hour tempo run on the trail. Fastest I ever ran it...which is not what I set out to do. Averaged under about 7:45/mile on the first half and 8:15 on the second. However, my HR average on the return was 161...