Sunday, September 04, 2005

sunday run - pump station 65

Weight = 176.4

I'm beginning to try a 1000 calorie/day deficit for a month and see how it goes. According to most calculations (sample calculater from WVDA) at 176 pounds I consume about 2600 cal/day going to work, walking around, working around the house, etc. Every hour of moderately hard activity burns between 600-800 calories. So a typcial total of calories burned assuming 14 hours/week of working out will be 2600+1400= 4000 calories/day plus or minus say 300 calories.

Yesterday I did 2.5 hours on the bike for a total of 1700 + 2600= 4300 calories. I consumed about 2000 calories yesterday for a deficit of 2300 calories. a good day. So far today I've run 1.5 hours (say 1300 calories, with 2600 is 3900 total for the day). Thus far today I've consumed 700+70+20+50+250= 1100 calories. the 1000 calorie deficit maxes me out at 2900 calories today. I can still consume 1800 calories before I sleep.

RUN to the Pump Station

Felt stiff and a bit sore this morning when I left at 9:30. I ran moderately down to the pump station (HR 135, 40 minutes) and picked it up a bit..after being passed by a slower runner...effort wise on the way back. Total was 1:22 and HR was 145 average.

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