Sunday, October 30, 2005

sunday - tempo trail

Sunday 30 October 2005

Schedule: 6 mile run in 41 min
actual: 6.5 mile trail run in 52 min

I ran the classic trail run 3.25 miles down and back up at about 4:00 pm.

I did this run 3 min faster than ever:

1st 3.25 miles: 24:39 - 7:30 min/mile.(some downhill) HR 151
2ne 3.25 miles: 27:23 - 8:30 min/mile (some uphill) HR 166

overall: 52:03 - just about 8 min/mile average. HR average was 159 (90% of maximum)

I did feel like I could have gone faster on the return than I did. I tried to maintain my HR below 170 during this last part, but it went up to 175 up the hills. At that point, way past my lactate threshold, I could feel lots of fatigue so I would slow up slightly until my HR went down below 170.

Overall I'm please with this "record" for this course I run frequently as it was about 30 seconds/mile faster. I was still a bit tired from the prior day's workout

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