Sunday, October 16, 2005

Thursday - Sunday 13 - 16 October 2005

Sunday 16 October

15 mile run @ approx 9 min/mile. I did a few quick miles, but, I was really tired the entire time of this workout. I ran from carmel valley to Solana Beach and back with I calculated is about 15 miles. My average HR was 155 for the entire 2:15 it took me. the peak was about 170.

Saturday 15 October

2 hour ride up the coast and back followed by a 6 mile run in about 9 min/mile. Felt great during the bike ride, and tired during the run.

Friday 14 October

1500 Y easy swim

Thursday 13 October

6 miles at 8 min/mile. Felt really good...ran at 6:00 pm today and for some reason felt great. Maybe it was finishing in the dark...this was 4 min faster than I'd ever run this little 6 mile loop near Palomar Airport road and El Camino Real.