Thursday, November 24, 2005

Run for the Hungry 5K

Ok, here goes. I've was sick the from about the 4th to the 17th of November. I've been OK since then, but Jen's back went out on her from the 17th until just yesterday. My running and general working out has suffered as a result. On top of that I've got about zero time and lots of work to do. ..but I "left nothing in the tank" at the 5K this morning:

mile 1 - 6:48 HR 163
mile 2 - 7:20 HR 173
mile 3 - 7:00 HR 179
5K - 21:53

Had to stop for the trolley to go by. that was about 30 seconds, but I stopped my watch, so i actually got a rest break.

7:00 min/mile

52 days until the marathon

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