Thursday, December 22, 2005

trail run - thursday morning

After six or so weeks of a sore leg, I'm still running. It's been so depressing that I've not been recording what few workouts I've been doing. Mostly running in the dark after work (whenever that is) or squeezing in a 2000Y swim and occasional bike. Carles still believes that I should be doing the Carlsbad Marathon, but I'm sure I'm not going to be ready by then.

today I did the old trail run. left leg was sort the entire time. Of course it was still a bit sore from the massage yesterday, but not when I woke up; felt great then. I never got better or worse after about the first 5 miniutes of the run.

I did the run today without a heart rate monitor (lost it the strap). I think I was pushing harder than normal, but for some reason - maybe the sore leg - it did not bother me too much. the times were:

27:08/29:35 back - total 56:43

did feel "sore/tire" like I'd not been running. This afternoon is supposed to be a spin class with Carles.


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