Sunday, March 05, 2006

business interuptus w/training

Spent three days in Calgary (including travel) this week. Big dinners every evening, and meetings all day long. At -2 degrees farenheit (-18 C) it set a record cold temperature for that day in history in Calgary. That 10 block walk to the restaurant was a mistake. My ears have just now thawed out.

Other than that it was an ok week:

Monday - swim 2500Y - at lunch (not with masters) I did 5 x 500 with two sets pulling

Tuesday - spin 1 hour. I know I was supposed to ride 3 hours, but I barely had time to do this spin class as I was leaving early the next day for Calgary.

Wedneday - 1 hour stationary bike. This was at 9:30pm after our busines dinner. Not too much fun, but not too hard either.

thursday - 1 hour treadmill run. for some reason this really was hard. I ran about 8:30/mile with a little inlcline. I did this at 6:00 am and may have still been a bit tired from the night before.

Friday - 1 hour "cross crountry ski machine". I had to do this. It worked arms and legs and i could not use the bogus equipment in this gym any more.

Saturday - 2500 Y swim and 1 hour run: I did the 2500Y as 5 x 500 again. This was pretty easy, I was doing the 100s in about 2:05-2:10 and when pulling at about 1:45. the run was at a pace of 9:00.

sunday - mock triathlon: i got to the group swim a bit late. i swam about 1000Y turning the 100s in about 2:00. then we did a 2 hour ride to Escondido and back. Mike Cappoza got hit by a car! but he survived - although his bike and rear wheel are tweaked and he had to skip the run. I did not feel too strong and Steve went just a bit further than me on the way out. We rode together back. Our average pace was 18 MPH. Steve waited for Laure and I ran 40 min..not sure what my pace was. I was pretty tired when I finished this, but i could have run a lot more.

bike - 1st hour HR 148, 2nd hour HR 145
run - averge HR 152.

overall bike/run average HR 144, peak 165.

total weekly hours - 10 hours