Sunday, March 12, 2006

One week left until Ralph's

this week went mostly well. I was in town anyway, and managed to complete about everything despite the's how it went:

Monday 6 March - off

Tuesday 7 March - 3 hour bike ride through RSF and up to carlsbad and back. it was cold and I was not going all that fast..17 mph average. I felt pretty good.

Wednesday 8 March - Masters swim in the morning, massage in the afternoon...but ran out of time to do a run that

thursday 9 march - 1 hour run I was supposed to do Wednesday. I did the hilly CB loop and felt really good for some reason

Friday 10 March - off (had no time for the workout)

Saturday 11 march - Race simulation, sort of. did the 1500 Y at about a 2min/100 pace, then went indoors and did a 1 hour spin class followed by 1 hour of solo spinning. My avergae HR was 150. then I went outside and ran in the rain. it was REALLY COLD in shorts/tshirt in the rain saturday. I was not all that tired in the end.

Sunday 12 March - did 2000Y with 4 x 500 alternating swim with Pull/paddles (10:14, 8:30, 10:17, 8:27). then I went outside and ran briskly for 1 hour. felt sick afterwards, but OK tonight. I'm not getting the family cold after all...I hope!

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