Saturday, July 21, 2007

Third week after IM Germany - 22 July 2007

It's been a real week of recovery. I did most all the limited prescribed workouts, followed by what I did:

Mon: off

took the day off and recovered

Tue: 2000Y swim

I did Carles's swim class at 6 pm for 1 hour. very easy

wed: off

did 2000Y swimming instead of nothing. this prior to our all day offsite so I needed to be relaxed for that.

Thur: 1 hour spin

1 hour efx machine before work

fri: 2000Y swim


Saturday: 4 miles run

6.2 mile trail run. felt heavy (180 lbs today) and ran out at a med speed but a high HR: 59:05 total, 157 average, 175 peak.

sunday: off

acutal: 25 mile stud loop ride in 1:30 (16.5 mph). pretty slow, but felt easy and good all the time. warm day. Average HR was 131 and max HR was 164 going up through santa luz.

total for the week is 5.5 hours of easy workouts.