Sunday, September 09, 2007

Sept 1 - 9 2007

First week in September started with body weight of 178.6 and body fat of 13.4% which was actually the highest in a week. I think I lost a couple pounds during August.

The first weekend in August was HOTTER than HELL in San Diego.

Saturday 9/1
- 3 hours - i did a 4000 yard swim in the form of 8 x 500 yards which was REAL boring. i alternated pulling, paddles, and swimming doing the latter three times and the other two each. I followed this by a 1:30 min run down to the drinking fountain and back.

Sunday 9/2 - 5 hours - 75 mile bike - I did the second bike with the QC group and it was a killer. We rode the "circle K" route and it was hillier than I recall. I did not like getting dropped! it was Soooo hot out in the hills.

Monday 9/3 - 4 hours - did the elfin forrest ride in 3:15 (still hot!) and then a 30 min run. Now, that run was a KILLER as it was 92 degrees on the trail and 80% humidity. this was the hottest day/workout of the year.

Tuesday 9/4 - did 1 hour on the elliptical machine indoors prior to flying out of town to Washington DC/NYC

Wednesday 9/5 - did a 45 min run around the hotel in the morning, had the meeting, flew to NYC and met Peter/Will for drinks around Manhattan until 3 am

Thursday 9/6 - no workout

Friday 9/7 - ran a 6.5 mile trail tempo run in RECORD TIME - 49:37!!! this is nearly 3 minutes faster than the prior record of 52:03 set back in october of 2005

Saturday 9/8 - 110 mile bike to Dana Point and back


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