Monday, September 24, 2007

September 10 - 23 2007

Monday 10 September - I did 45 min on an elliptical trainer in my garage for easy recovery

Tuesday 11 September - 1 hour bike through RSF

Wednesday 12 September - 4000Y swim, 1:00 run - very hot! felt good on the run

Thursday 13 September - 1 hour spin, 30 min run, 1 hour spin - this felt good and was not too hard at all. Did this workout with Carles and his two classes and that was fun too. I finally felt better after the bike last weekend

Friday 14 September - 3000Y swim (all I had time for)

Saturday 15 September - 100 mile ride to redondo beach - rode with Group 2, felt great, not too hard. Ran 30 min at a brisk pace after the ride with Andi

Sunday 16 September - 100 mile ride back to San Diego: HAMMER FEST - this was a different group and we went much faster, averaging 21-22 mph most of the way with many 30 mph bursts! I was burnt out and could barely climb off the bike after this return trip.

Monday 17 Sept - nothing - flew to las vegas for the sales meeting

Tuesday 18 sept - Friday 21 Sept : in las vegas and working all day/ workouts

Saturday 22 September - 16.5 mile run to Solana Beach and back...felt mostly good, but tired at the end

Sunday 23 September - Bike to run: 95 mile ride to Poway...back through Elfin Forrest and up to carlsbad and down the coast. 30 min run afterward was very hard - my knees and legs were quite sore fromt he day before...

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