Sunday, November 11, 2007

Ironman Florida - the week after 11/11/07

Should start with a little trip report on Ironman Florida. First the results:

Bib Number: 1624
Overall Place: 1000/2276
Total Time: 12:09:02
Division Place: 106/252
Swim Division Place:211/252
Swim Overall Place: 1926/2267
Swim Time: 1:27:34
Swim 100M pace: 2:19
T1: 8:36
Bike Division Place: 83/252
Bike Overall Place: 790/2267
Bike Time: 5:40:32
Pike Pace: 19.7 mph
Run Division Place: 111/252
Run Overall Place: 1038/2267
Run Time: 4:46:14
Run Pace: 10:56

I'm the most disappointed with my run performance. It was 1 hour slower than I was expecting to do. I feel like I could have swam faster, but I'm not nearly as disappointed with that. I'm also disappointed with my transition times. What's up with that? 8:36?? I did go and use the bathroom and that took a couple of minutes. but I don't understand the other 3-4 extra minutes.

I think it's quite an interesting point that the first place overall guy had the second fastest T1 transition (2:02, fastest was 2:01) of the ENTIRE RACE. Here are his two times T1/T2:


total transition time of 3:46 for both of them!!!

Ok, he's a pro, but my total was 14:44

My swim felt comfortable, the transition I did outside the tent as it was too crowded inside. I ran through, got my bike, put on my watch, went to the bathroom and rode off. the bike was fun and fast, but, I'VE GOT TO FIX THIS SADDLE THING. the P3C is harsh the way it's set up now. T2 was a bit faster than T1, but still slow. I changed into running clothes and ran off. Never felt good and finished in 4:46 for a total of 12:09. oh well....

I did nothing until friday, when I swam 2000 yards. The saturday nothing. then Sunday (today) I did:

42 miles to Oceanside and back. 18.5 MPH average, 137 HR average, 170 peak.

rode with some faster guys for a while, but mostly alone. sort of fast I guess....