Sunday, July 20, 2008

Ride to Disneyland Sat, evening 9 mile run Sunday


Rode to Disneyland

This is about 90 miles. I learned later that there's a bike path just before brookhurst that I should have taken that avoids the traffic on brookhurst. Oh well. I skipped out on a lot of the hydration needed to get there faster - big mistake. averaged like 20 mph, with stoplights.


very easy 9 mile run (9 min/mile) to the pump station. felt really heavy/dead at the beginning of the run, and ran rather slowly the first half. ran at the same speed the second half (uphill) and felt better.

136 average HR

70 degrees, 75% humidity, ran from 5:45 - 7:05 pm

pre-weight: 182.6/10.7
post-weight/fat: 179.0/10.8

total sweat loss: 3.6 lbs => 57.6 oz
sweat/hour: 43.2 oz/hour
sweat/mile: 6.4 oz/mile