Thursday, November 06, 2008

4 weeks left until the marathon

...and STILL i'm not losing weight! I'm so tired of being hungry, and I've already ramped up to 65 miles (+)/week. My body has figured out how to run on AIR. I'll never have to eat during an IM again - just drink water.

Here's the past week:

Wednesday 5 November:

The "easy" 17.2 mile run.

I was real sore in my quads and right hamstring and left achilies tendon during/after this run. maybe i'm too old for this.

Tuesday 4 November - ELECTION DAY

did a very mellow 6 mile run

MOnday 3 November

REst day ;)

Sunday 2 November

hard 17 mile run from San Marcos to Del Mar. I really felt heavy/dead during this run, which was like 15 min slower than planned.

Saturday 1 November


Friday 31 October - Halloween

6 mile run - very mello